• User Feedback and CSS Transforms

    User feedback is important (duh!). It is one way that a user can know that the site or application s/he is using understood the action s/he took, such as a loading symbol when bringing in some ajaxy content. It also tells the user that something is actionable. A change in hover state for instance tends [...]

  • 3 HTML5 things to be using right now.

    I am a little surprised to still find some front end developers reticent to begin using the HTML5 spec in their work today. Much of the concern is that the spec isn’t “fully supported” or “isn’t ready yet.” I can understand not getting around to familiarizing themselves with it, but let’s not blame our lack [...]

  • Form Completes Function

    There is an old adage coined by Architect Louis Sullivan in 1896 that has been applied to many fields, and in particular Web Design/Development: Form ever follows function. Like many web developers, this has been drilled into me, not only by college professors, but industry leaders, peers and my own practices. All for good reason [...]

  • Major Overhaul

    Here is just a glimpse of the new look coming to 1st Draft Design in the next few days. Breath deep, because this glimpse will be gone tomorrow and we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled program until launch day. Glad tidings ya’ll! [UPDATE]: Unofficial launch of the new site took place shortly before 10pm, [...]